About our online store

WEMYLA online exhibition of arts and crafts is the first direct sale platform of handicrafts from artists' workshops to the end customer.

All handicraft producers and artists around the world can create their booths on this platform. We accelerate the selling power of these works in the market. We create brands exclusively for artists. We guarantee transactions. We manage shipments and deliveries. We manage the payments. We guarantee your purchase. Earn more money with WEMYLA by eliminating brokers from your art.


We love what we do

WEMYLA is an innovative group in the field of business start-ups, which has focused on launching a comprehensive handicraft platform. On this platform, artists and handicraft producers can supply or buy the products they need without any intermediary.

Our working process

Buy handicrafts with you, deliver, ship and guarantee it with us

Our Team

WEMYLA has launched this platform with the benefit of a capable team in the field of starting a business with a focus on the handicraft trade and with the mission of developing the business of artists and increasing their income. Our team has practical experience in this industry and is ready to provide optimal services to our customers..

Sadegh Khajebeyk


Customer Service Manager

Commercial Afairs Manager

Art Assessment Manager

Business Developer

Content Manager and Digital Marketing Specialist

Alireza Ghahraman


Maryam Karami


Alireza Mojarrab


Pegah Eslamieh